Aspire Tarneit Square Childcare Centre

Nestled within “The Village’ precinct on Sayers Road, Aspire Tarneit Square is an early learning centre uniquely designed for children’s growth and exploration. This centre is dedicated to young children ranging from 6 weeks to 6 years old and will offer a comprehensive learning journey in its six beautifully appointed rooms.

The philosophy of our early learning centre is to provide a nurturing second home, where a homely vibe fills the air. Children have the freedom to express themselves in our well-crafted play spaces, essential for their development. We firmly believe in the power of quality education from an early age, where every child's unique abilities are recognised and fostered.

Our approach at Aspire Tarneit Square is to instil a strong sense of identity, belonging, and self-assurance in each child. This strong foundation eases their transition into formal schooling and sets them up for a flourishing future.

Designed to stimulate and captivate young minds, the early learning centre features dynamic learning spaces that cater to a child’s natural curiosity. Our kindergarten program integrates seamlessly within your child’s learning journey, ensuring that educational activities are both enjoyable and beneficial, tailored to each child’s pace and interests.

Our early learning centre extends beyond the realm of education; it is a vibrant community hub. We relish the chance to weave our Aspire family with the broader Tarneit community, embracing our collective diversity and fostering an inclusive environment. Recognising the integral role of family and community in a child’s development, we aim to deliver enriching experiences that are relevant and engaging.

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Tarneit Square Details

New Enquiries: 1800 978 429
Mon – Fri 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Ages: 6 weeks – 6 years
In house chef

Education at Aspire Tarneit Square goes hand in hand with personal growth. We’re committed to nurturing every aspect of a child’s development, ensuring they’re ready for life's challenges. Our early learning centre is a safe space for children to be authentic, explore their environment, and embark on a learning adventure filled with happiness and discovery.

The excitement builds as we anticipate the opening of Aspire Tarneit Square and its integration into the lives of Tarneit families. Our passion for early learning in Tarneit is evident in every detail of our program, and we eagerly await the opportunity to welcome new families to our community. We invite you to be part of this incredible journey, where the value of early learning lies not just in the end goals, but in the rich experiences along the way. Join us, and let’s shape the future together, one playful learning moment at a time.

What Our Families Have To Say

All the staff are so wonderful, kind and take care of our child with heartfelt attention. We as a parents know our child is happy here when we see her with all the smiles and she want to more at the childcare center more. Thanks to each and every staff member here.


Aspire Tarneit North is my child’s second home. She was 12months old when she started and it was not easy for her to get settled in a new environment. But her educators in Sapphire room took care of her really well like she has a second mummy. Now that she’s in Amber room, she had a good transition because her new educators are very pleasing and loving. This centre offers the best care not only for your child but to your family as well.


Very professional and outstanding childcare. My daughter joined the centre in early March; I had a warm welcome by the front desk staff called Gizzle, who helped me promptly with application process; all the educators are very well mannered and caring towards our daughter,  especially Miranda, who is above and beyond ; she always make sure our fussy eater daughter is well looked after and will inform us about her experience with her peers, activity and her meal honestly.


Our experience at Aspire has been nothing but positive.  We feel so welcomed by their team and our son has made an instant connection with his educators.  Excellent communication and care.  Can’t recommend them highly enough.  He’s been there since they opened and has been in three rooms over that time and his skills just seem to jump exponentially each time he’s moved up.  He’s built meaningful relationships with his educators and they all know us and are happy to talk to us - even those who aren’t in his room greet us with a smile.  I’ve recommended it to anyone who has asked for child care in the area because I’m just so impressed.

Carly, family at Aspire Clyde North, VIC
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