Baby Steps – Nursery Program

Ages 6 weeks - 2 years

The first 2 years of life is a time for rapid growth and development, where children are building the foundation for their future learning.

Our Baby Steps Nursery program provides a nurturing environment, with daily activities and intentional teaching opportunities to support your child to reach developmental milestones. Our play-based learning approach allows children to learn through sensory play while stimulating their senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing, and sight.

Aspire’s nursery teams are highly qualified, with up-to-date knowledge of early childhood development, specialising in infant care.

What programs and experiences do we offer?

Hey Dee Ho Music Program - Sing, Dance, Play, Learn

As part of the Baby Steps program, we offer regular music incursions run by Hey Dee Ho. This program offers children a music and multi-sensory experience, where they learn the concepts of beat, rhythm, tempo, pitch, and dynamics in a play-based environment.

Sensory Play Experiences

Our spaces enhance and challenge various levels of physical development, from tummy time to crawling and walking. We provide rich and aesthetic learning environments to empower your child’s sense of curiosity and wonder.


As part of the Baby Steps program, children are given the opportunity to explore the local environment. Children can observe and explore different surroundings which help develop confidence and feel a sense of belonging within their community.

What Learning Looks Like

At Aspire, we encourage your child’s learning by:

  • Displaying delight, encouragement, and enthusiasm for their achievements.
  • Getting into a routine – eat, sleep, play, repeat.
  • Making positive eye contact as often as possible.
  • Playing simple games e.g., peek-a-boo.
  • Mimicking their sounds and actions e.g., clapping, waving
  • Encouraging their motor skills e.g. placing a toy out of reach and urge them to crawl to it.
  • Playing together on the floor to encourage your baby to stretch, wriggle and roll.
  • Looking at books together, naming and pointing to the pictures.
  • Talking to your baby in simple language.
  • Taking turns in playing simple games e.g., clapping, blowing bubbles or finger and toe songs
  • Singing nursery rhymes with actions e.g., round and round the garden.
  • Giving them finger foods, using different tastes and textures.
  • Giving them space to crawl and pull themselves up on
  • furniture.
  • Always let them know you or another family member is there with them.

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