Kickstart to Kinder

Three-year-old Kindergarten

Aspire’s three-year-old Kindergarten program, Kickstart to Kinder, continues to build on the foundation of learning and development educators have fostered in your child’s early years.

Our fully funded programs are designed by a collaborative team of kindergarten and local primary school teachers. This approach ensures children develop the much-needed social and emotional skills to transition into 4-year-old Kinder and their first year of primary school.

Kickstart to Kinder provides opportunities to learn through play in a safe and supportive environment. Structured and unstructured learning experiences support children to discover their interests, abilities, and limitations.

Research shows that two years of Kindergarten are more beneficial than one, with children who attend a kindergarten program being less likely to be developmentally vulnerable at school. Within our Kindergarten program, children learn key skills for life such as creative thinking, social and emotional skills, and early literacy and language skills.

In our Kickstart to Kinder program, we encourage children to learn about the world through play. We provide a range of interactive, fun, and educational learning experiences to encourage children to become curious, creative, and confident about learning.

Two Years is Better Than One

Find a Sense of Belonging

Build Focus & Concentration

Become More Independent

Kinder Readiness: Learning Outcomes

Socialising with peers promotes a sense of belonging away from primary caretakers, this healthy separation will help your child settle more quickly in new environments.

Focusing on an activity of interest to complete a task provides your child with a sense of satisfaction and increases their concentration stamina.

Establishing independence is an important stage of development. Your child’s pathway to independence is supported by confidence-building life-skill activities, such as toileting.


Qualified Teachers

  • The program is delivered by bachelor trained early childhood teachers.

Evidence Based Learning

  • Our teaching team assesses children's learning for many reasons, specifically to create a holistic understanding of each child's knowledge, understanding, acquired and emerging skills, attitudes and dispositions, next stage of learning, and continuity of learning.
  • The Early Learning STEM Australia (ELSA) program inspires curiosity and engagement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Stimulating Environment

  • Our indoor rooms have been purpose-designed for specific age groups and are stimulating, safe and secure.
  • The outdoor environments offer a variety of play spaces where children can develop their cognitive function and social skills through interaction and play with their peers.

Play-Based Learning

  • Play-based learning provides a variety of activities and experiences which support social, cognitive, and physical development. Play-based learning allows children to interact with people and different objects within different environments.

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