Our Philosophy

Our programs are designed to ensure learning is tailored to each child’s individual, family, and community needs. Our interconnected three pillar philosophy creates the foundation for all learning experiences.

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Aspire to Connect

With a high focus on family and community engagement, each Aspire centre host, exciting, personalised events that encourage both families and the wider community to attend. These celebrations are filled with exciting activities that engage and connect families, the centres, and educators with the local community. Our community engagement program supports children in being valued members of their community. Our connections with local libraries, primary schools and businesses provide opportunities for excursions, incursions and local events for children and families. Children explore what it looks and feels to explore their local and wider community and what it means to be a global citizen. Families are provided with the opportunity to build closer relationships with their wider community through internal and external events.

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Aspire to Learn

Highlighting the importance of a developed educational program, our curriculum is designed to support learning throughout the first five years of a child’s life. Programs assist children’s learning with tools, activities, and most importantly, empowerment; to allow them to take the lead in their learning and achieve developmental milestones. We support all children to develop and learn at their own pace to reach their full potential. Families are essential to all children’s development and by learning together you help contribute knowledge and new ways of thinking, to continually improve our practices.

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Aspire to Grow

Children’s learning outcomes are more successful when they are engaged in what they are learning. Our educators plan teaching opportunities that follow the children’s lead – programs are designed around their interests, needs and strengths. A child’s learning journey is a shared celebration, and we encourage you to grow alongside us as we travel on this journey.