Partner Programs

At Aspire, we place our focus on being at the hearts of the local community.

With our aim to promote and inspire a love of learning for everyone, we offer a range of exciting partner programs across our centres.  Learn more about some of our partner programs that are run at our centres below. 


SketchRoo workshops are led by talented illustrators, who will take students through each project with step-by-step instructions and exercises to get them all started quickly. SketchRoo drawing classes and workshops offer hands-on, child-friendly, and relevant subject matter to spark creativity and increase knowledge retention. The program extends the children's artistic side through paints, crayons, pastels, and items that can be used within the room. Denver changes his creations to work with the children's interests within the room. SketchRoo program supports children in their social and emotional regulation through art.

Children become familiar with sketching and gain more experience in drawing plants, animals, architectural & mechanical structures, and more. The program extends the children's artistic side through paints, crayons, pastels, and items that can be used within the room.

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Henny Penny Hatching Program

The Henny Penny Hatching program is led my experienced staff who deliver and set up an eleven day incubation program to various childcare and schools. It gives children the opportunity to watch eggs hatching in a specially designed incubator, and then observe the hatched chicks at play in a large, clear-sided brooding pen. The Henny Penny Hatching program is simple to run and it comes with clear operating instructions, 24-hour on-call service and detailed resources for children.

Our Aspire Children love getting to experience this process and are so excited when they can finally hold the little chicks.

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SoccaJoeys Program

Soccajoeys offers soccer classes to our kinder aged children across majority of our centres on a weekly basis. Dedicated to helping children develop valuable life skills, Soccerjoey's promotes active physical movement, play and social interaction. Physical activity in early childhood is beneficial for developing fundamental movement skills and body awareness as well as a healthy sense of self-confidence and well-being.

Our Aspire Kinder children really enjoy this fun, inclusive and dynamic soccer program, and learning new skills each week. Learn more about our SoccaJoeys program here.

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Bush Kinder

We believe that it is important for children to connect with their local community. That’s why we take the children on excursions to explore their local environment and to connect with nature. Kinder children enjoy the Bush Kinder excursions. These excursions allow the children to interact with and explore the Australian native land. The Bush Kinder excursions extends the children’s involvement within the natural environment and helps them to stay connected to our local lands. On the excursions, the children learn about worm gardens, mini beasts, and the scents of the nature.

The Bush Kinder program plays a huge part in the children's readiness as they begin their transition journey to school. Children will be utilising what nature has provided as learning materials. They will have the opportunity to play in the rain, learn about the indigenous culture, balance fallen logs, get involved in dramatic play, find insects in the water, and draw with sticks on the ground. The opportunities for children to construct their learning are endless.

Is there an extra fee for the extra-curricular programs?

No, all extra-curricular programs, incursions and excursions are included in your daily fee.

Do all centres have the same extra-curricular programs?

Programs implemented at Aspire centres may vary. Programs are tailored to meet children’s individual, family, and community needs. Kindergarten programs are designed to complement the Prep curriculum of local primary schools to build school readiness and prepare children for the transition to Prep. We welcome family feedback and input when implementing extra-curricular programs at our centres to ensure they are the best fit for our community.