Little Learners – Toddler Program

Ages 2 - 3 years

Toddlerhood is an incredible time of exploration and discovery. During this time, children are asserting their independence and gaining an increasing sense of self.

Our Little Learners Toddler Programs are designed to create an engaging environment that supports your toddler’s social and cognitive development.

We provide a fun, play-based learning approach that engages their young and active minds within a safe and stimulating environment. Our Little Learners curriculum supports children to increase their sense of self and reach developmental milestones.

What programs and experiences do we offer?

Hey Dee Ho Music Program - Sing, Dance, Play, Learn

The Hey De Ho program allows children to focus and extend their listening skills by responding to sounds and patterns whilst engaging in rhymes and dancing.

Sports Program

A specialised sports program that encourages children to engage their physical and sporting skills. Incursions are created fortnightly and are based on the children’s interests throughout the sessions. Parents can continue this at home without having to purchase resources.


Our regular Yoga sessions help children connect with their minds, body, and soul. In each session, children learn to slow and calm breathing and learn new yoga poses.

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What Learning Looks Like

At Aspire, we encourage your child’s learning by:

  • Giving them more experiences by going to different places e.g., park, beach, public swimming pool, shops.
  • Singing songs, listening to music, and dancing together.
  • Describing things that they can see and hear in their environment e.g., hot, cold, big, loud
  • Asking them to solve everyday problems e.g., it’s raining, what do we need to take when we go outside?
  • Introducing toilet training as children show an interest and readiness.
  • Giving them boxes and blocks for building things e.g., pretend houses and bridges.
  • Helping them develop their motor skills and understand concepts such as ‘under’ and ‘over’ by creating obstacle courses in the home e.g., going ‘over’ pillows, ‘through’ the tunnel, ‘under’ the chair
  • Encouraging your child to use their imagination and develop the muscles in their hands by using crayons, paints, or chalk.

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