Four-Year-Old Kindergarten

Step into Prep

Four-year-old Kindergarten

Aspire’s funded 4-year-old Kindergarten program, Step into Prep, is designed to continue to support the development of your child’s social and emotional intelligence in a safe and secure environment. The program is delivered by dedicated educators and qualified early childhood teachers.

Kindergarten is crucial to children’s successful transition into school. Our 4-year-old Kindergarten programs are designed to be inclusive of all stages of development and work closely with families to ensure children meet their full potential.

School readiness is not just about knowing the alphabet or being able to write their name, but they also need to have the fine motor skills to open their sandwich at lunch, the confidence to ask for help, and the problem-solving skills to find their belongings if they can’t find them.

Our Step into Prep program is tailored to your child’s class and their individual needs. As educators support your child to develop key skills, they will incorporate additional learning opportunities, including excursions, incursions, and special programs, to further enhance learning and follow their interests.

The social and emotional skills your child will learn throughout their Step into Prep year continue to build on the foundation they have formed through their Aspire journey for a successful transition to primary school and beyond. We work collaboratively with families and local primary school teachers to ensure each child is ready for the transition into prep.

Make New Friends

Develop Literacy & Numeracy Skills

Solve Problems On My Own

Understanding Emotions

School Readiness: Learning Outcomes

As your child settles in and develops a sense of belonging in their classroom, educators will encourage them to get to know their peers and form strong relationships.
Your child will apply their problem-solving skills while completing literacy and numeracy activities that equip them with the skills they need to transition to school.

Engaging in activities that involve STEM qualities and basic life skills will encourage your child to critically think so they can problem-solve and overcome issues on their own.

Educators support your child to identify their emotions to better understand and connect them with their bodies and healthy eating habits.

Preparing For School & Beyond

  • School Readiness
  • Social and Emotional
  • Development
  • Lifelong Love of Learning
  • Becoming an Independent Learner
  • Literacy Skills
  • Communication Skills

Communication Opportunities

  • Term One – Kindergarten Information Evening
  • Term Two – Parent Teacher Meeting
  • Term Three – Kindergarten Information Evening
  • Term Four – Parent Teacher Meeting

Path To School Readiness

Transitioning to School

Starting school is the biggest transition in a young child’s life thus far. At Aspire, we work closely with families and primary school teachers at local schools to ensure children are set up for the best possible start.

A Strong Headstart

Research suggests that experiences during the transition to school can have long-term impacts on children's resilience and self-image. A successful start to school is linked to future positive school outcomes, both academically and socially.

Understanding Individuality

Our programs are tailored to meet children’s individual, family, and community needs. Throughout each child’s learning journey, we work closely with families to set learning goals specific to their needs and learning experiences.


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