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Community Connections at Cranbourne West

Community Connections at Cranbourne West

Aspire Early Education Cranbourne West has deep roots within the local community. As the longest standing Aspire centre, this has provided countless opportunities to connect with the neighbourhood. Read on to discover why Aspire Cranbourne West values its community connections.

Cranbourne West's Community Connections

During Early Learning Matters Week, the Cranbourne West community came together for a lovely afternoon tea. The centre was honoured to have local MP Pauline Richards visit and take part in the event for the third time. We are thrilled that she is committed to early learning and values its importance in the local area.

A highlight of the day was the smoking ceremony that was led by local Jaeden Williams. Both the children and community members participated in this time-honoured ceremony. The event not only marked our affiliation with the land we reside on but also represented unity and respect. This memorable occasion heightened our appreciation for cultural traditions and fostered a stronger sense of connection within our community.  

In addition, Cranbourne West connects with the community through their large cultural centre events. In November, the centre celebrated a vibrant Diwali festival which brought together the wider community. It was a wonderful way to celebrate a significant cultural holiday with community members that celebrate it with their families every year.

Community Connections at Cranbourne West
Community connections at Cranbourne West's Diwali Festival of Lights event.

The night was full of dance, traditional food, and heaps of fun activities for the children. It showed the centre’s multicultural heritage and brought together people from a range of backgrounds to celebrate a united holiday. You can read more about this memorable event here: Diwali 2023 – A Night to Remember at Aspire Cranbourne West.

Aspire Cranbourne West have held community morning tea events to further connect the community. A chat over delicious light snacks and delicious drinks is always a sure-fire way to connect with others. It gave the centre team an opportunity to introduce themselves to the locals, along with support local businesses. It was a wonderful time to get to learn about those that came and share the centre’s passion for local connections.

Community Connections at Cranbourne West
Cranbourne West locals connect at the Community Morning Tea.

Cranbourne West's Local Organisation Connections

The centre has deep connections to local organisations. A main partner is Backpacks 4 VIC Kids, who provide essentials to displaced children all in a colourful backpack. This community organisation works to support children that require aid urgently, especially children going into foster or kinship care. Cranbourne West has supported this cause in a number of ways. For instance, they raised money through donation drives, donated goods to fill the backpacks, and educated the children and their families about the work they do.

Community Connections at Cranbourne West
The Cranbourne West team donating pajamas to Backpacks 4 Vic Kids.

Centre Manager Archi Patel further cements this belief in helping those in need and creating community connections.

“I believe that ‘Together We Can’, and following this motto, I work with my team to provide our best to our families and the wider Cranbourne West Community.”

If you are interested in being part of the Aspire Cranbourne West community, enquire today on 1800 978 249. Or click here to visit our enquiries page.

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