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Aspire Bendigo Kinder vs. Sessional Kinder

Aspire Bendigo Kinder vs. Sessional Kinder

Aspire Early Education Bendigo Kinder is a long day care centre that serves the suburb of Kennington and its surrounds. Long day care centres cater for children aged zero-six years old and offer age-specific programs to support development at every stage. Frequent attendance at long day care and kindergarten throughout their early childhood offers children the ability to become familiar with learning environments where they can thrive with the support of experienced educators.

Aspire Bendigo Kinder vs. Sessional Kinder
Aspire Bendigo Kinder students exploring the community.

Quality Kindergarten Programs are incredibly important to set children up for success in their development. Children require a range of play-based learning experiences and intentional teaching to acquire the skills to successfully transition into school. These experiences form the essential foundation of early learning crucial for future academic success. It's vital for children to engage with high-quality early childhood education and Kindergarten programs so they reach their full potential.

What are some of the differences between Sessional Kinder and Aspire Bendigo Kinder?

There are many differences that make Aspire’s Kindergarten Programs stand out against regular sessional kindergartens.

One of the biggest advantages is the provision of regular, healthy meals by dedicated centre chef teams. Sessional kindergartens require families to pack their child’s lunch for their sessions, which can be costly and time consuming. Children that attend services that serve cooked meals, will receive 40-60% of their daily food intake from the centre. Meals at Aspire Bendigo are prepared according to the nutritional needs of the child as per the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. All dietary requirements are catered for, to allow parents peace of mind. Aspire Bendigo’s chef Vicky, is always creating incredible meals and snacks for the children to eat.

Another reason that families love Aspire Bendigo over sessional kinder options is the fact that all their children can looked after at the same centre. Sessional kindergartens only teach 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten-aged students, whereas Aspire Bendigo cares for children as young as 6 weeks-old. Streamlining care in this way makes parent’s lives easier by not having to then drop off a younger sibling to a separate care option, and allows younger children to be extremely familiar with the centre by the time they reach kindergarten.

Flexibility in care times is also a key factor when considering Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten Bendigo. The centre operates from 6:30am until 6:30pm, which is amazing for working families. Aspire understands that not every parent or guardian works a 9-5 job. Your child’s care at Aspire fits into your work hours, rather than fitting your work into your child’s care needs. Breakfast is provided for earlier arrivals, and a light snack is provided for children who stay later in the day.  

Aspire Bendigo’s Difference

Community connections are an important part of each Aspire centre, but the community ties run deep at Bendigo’s centre. With connections with local stores like the butcher and supermarket, which are visited by the children on community walks. The centre also has a close connection with the nearby Latrobe University Bendigo campus. The children have visited the vast campus library, and the centre itself helps support studying parents with its conveniently located centre. The North West Lightning Hockey club was also sponsored by Aspire Bendigo in 2023, demonstrating the importance that the centre places on supporting local sporting clubs.

Aspire Early Education Bendigo also runs a range of incursions and excursions throughout the year, at no additional cost. Incursions and excursions at sessional kinder centres accrue an additional fee. This year, Aspire Bendigo will be running the popular Little Sports Heroes program. Little Sports Heroes allows children to experience different sports whilst they teach them ball skills. They also learn basic fitness and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Aspire Bendigo is a beacon of excellence in rural childcare centres and gives parents the knowledge that their children are in good hands. From the nutritious meals to exciting incursions, to the incredible flexible operating hours, there is so much to love at Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten Bendigo.  

If this article piqued your interest, enquire today at 1800 978 429. Alternatively, contact the enquiries team at info@aspireearlyeducation.vic.edu.au or at the contact form here.

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