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Creating Community – Aspire Early Education Bendigo

Creating Community – Aspire Early Education Bendigo

Young children are drawn to connect with those around them and create community. The first community that many are part of is their family, then their family friends. Another early community that children grow within is their early learning centre or kindergarten. Aspire Early Learning Kennington understands how key community connections are, which is why they run regular excursions to various locations within their neighbourhood.

Building community connections is important for making children feel as if they belong, which then helps them develop social skills. Connecting with community and local organisations can help them make new friends and find an interest in the wider world. It also helps them understand the different people, places, and things within the community, and can make them feel safe.

Aspire Early Education Bendigo creates community by taking groups of their kindergarten children to shops, local businesses and services around town. Read more about their adventures below!

Exploring Community

For example, a group of Bendigo’s kinder children took a trip to Latrobe University Bendigo  recently. Even though these tots were a bit too young to study, they had a wonderful time exploring the campus. A highlight was visiting the campus library, looking at old university books, and reading some old favourites. They also explored the beautiful gardens. The giant koi fishpond was a favourite!

Another favourite was a walk to the local butchers, Strath Hill Butchers with the Adventurers group. They learnt what meat was on sale, and how the butcher is an important part of community life. As a result of this learning and exploring, the children had a wonderful time!

Similar to their butchers’ adventure, a community walk was taken to the local supermarket. The children had so much fun shopping for simple items like milk and bananas. They especially enjoyed paying for them at the counter like an adult! After that, they shared a cheeky, sweet bun from Baker’s Delight.   

The purpose of these neighbourhood walks is to explore the community and build confidence within the children. Allowing them to meet local people and learn about what different shops are, helps them understand their community surroundings. Being familiar with people in the neighbourhood can further help your child feel that their neighbourhood is safe and friendly.

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