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Why Our Kids Love Aspire Clyde North!

Why Our Kids Love Aspire Clyde North!

It’s one thing to visit an Aspire Early Education centre, but it’s another entirely to hear from the children that attend! You can gain a lot of insight about an early education centre by taking the time to listen to what children have to say. It is important to give them a voice. Let’s see why our four-year-old kinder and toddler children love Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten Clyde North!   

Four-Year-Old Kindergarten Room

We sat down to talk with the four-year-old kinder students as they packed up delicious Christmas cookies. They were having so much fun packaging up the cookies for families and friends into decorated Christmas stockings.

“I am giving cookies to my mum and dad!” one of the kids exclaimed.

When asked what their favourite thing about Christmas at Aspire, here’s what they had to say.

“I love the Christmas tree.”

“I like making crafts.”

“My favourite part is the presents.” 

“Christmas cookies!”

The kids then shared what their favourite activities to do at kindergarten were. A popular answer was craft.

“I like craft,” one student said, “I liked it when we made Christmas stockings.” She pointed over to the craft table where a large pile of beautifully decorated Christmas stocking sat.

“I like to draw!” a little girl shared, as she showed us her gorgeous drawing of her mum.

It is clear that children’s creativity is fostered at Aspire Clyde North. This was evident with all the children’s wonderful artwork hung up on the walls.

Why Our Kids Love Aspire Clyde North!
Creating some Christmas crafts in the Waratah Room.

We then made our way over to two boys playing “bottle flip” with some rice-filled plastic bottles. They loved the challenge of getting the bottles to stand after being flipped in the air.

“We love playing bottle flip at kindergarten” one of them said.

“My favourite activity is building blocks and maths” said the other. “We do counting and adding numbers.”

Another girl came over to show us some art she worked on, a very cute reindeer drawing. We asked what her favourite thing at Aspire Clyde North was, “My favourite thing is reading!” which led her to run over to the books. The centre encourages reading throughout all age groups, from reading simple books in the nursery room, to giving students a chance to develop reading skills in four-year-old kindergarten.

Toddler Room

We then visited the Aspire Clyde North toddler room. A few of the children were looking at a lift-the-flap book at the table. “What do you love about Aspire?” we asked. One of the girls pointed at the educators, and the other just smiled. It’s clear that the educators and teachers in the toddler room care deeply for them. One had gathered the children on the floor for a story, with the children listening quietly.

Why Our Kids Love Aspire Clyde North!

Some of the kids showed us how they knew their colours by passing building blocks and saying the colour. We then shared about our favourite colours! “I like blue”, one boy said. “Orange!” shouted another enthusiastically.

Getting to know the children at the Aspire Clyde North centre cemented how much the children enjoy their time there. The team go above and beyond to provide a safe, fun and educational environment for the children to thrive in. Most of all, they love being there!

If you are looking for an early education centre or kindergarten in the southeastern suburbs, Aspire have many centres with 2024 vacancies. Enquire about availabilities at 1800 978 429 or click here to book a tour at one of our state-of-the-art centres. See for yourself why we love Aspire Clyde North!

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