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Why Enrol in Aspire White Hills Kindergarten Program

Our Aspire White Hills Kindergarten program offers fully funded kindergarten for 3-and 4-year-old children, with a curriculum that is designed by a collaborative team of passionate educators. Our kindergarten program is run in a long day care setting, with opportunities to learn through play in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Aspire Kindergarten program differs to sessional kindergarten, which may be another option you are considering. If you’re weighing up whether to enrol in sessional kinder or our Aspire Kindergarten program, we’ve explained some differences below.    

Aspire Kindergarten vs Sessional Kindergarten

Firstly, the flexibility offered for care times is the biggest difference between the two. Sessional kindergartens typically have fixed sessions throughout the week on specific days, for a shorter period. Generally, they run 2-3 sessions a week from around 8.30am-2.30pm, with children required to bring their own food along.

As we operate as a long day care Aspire Early Education White Hills is built to suit the needs of parents. Open from 6:30am to 6:30pm, we understand that not all parents can do a regular 9-5 drop off and pick up. Aspire centres are also open year-round, including school holidays, allowing parents extra peace of mind when it comes to the care of their children.

See a table of some of the main differences below.

Incursion Programs at Aspire White Hills

Incursions are designed to enhance the curriculum and provide opportunities to learn and explore beyond the regular classroom routine, and aren’t always offered at sessional kinder programs.

At Aspire White Hills we currently run a weekly fitness incursion run by 3t Fitness Bendigo for our Kindergarten children. This incursion engages children in physical activity and teaches them skills that promotes the development of fundamental movement, motor skills, body awareness as well as self-confidence and wellbeing.

Supporting School Readiness

Another big advantage of enrolling in our funded kindergarten program at Aspire Berwick Waters is school readiness. The term “school readiness” refers to whether a child is ready to transition successfully and easily into a school environment. It encompasses many developmental factors such as self-regulation, planning, social skills and problem solving. 

Attendance at a long day care setting offers your child more time to build and nurture positive relationships with peers and educators. Building these connections is not just beneficial for their emotional and social development, but also for their learning outcomes.

The design of Aspire's three-year-old Kindergarten program fosters social and emotional skills required for the transition into four-year-old Kindergarten. Our four-year-old Kindergarten program supports children to feel a sense of belonging in the classroom and focuses on activities that support numeracy and literacy skill development. This helps ensure each child is ready for their transition into primary school.

To learn more about White Hills Kindergarten program, enquire with us or book a tour to explore our centre today.

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