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Why Choose Aspire Deanside's Kinder vs. Sessional Kinder?

Why Choose Aspire Deanside's Kinder vs. Sessional Kinder?

When deciding to enrol your child into a sessional 3 or 4-year-old kindergarten or long day care kindergarten, there is a lot to consider. Aspire Deanside’s kindergarten programs are specially designed to prepare your child for school. The benefits of early childhood education are not only evident through a child’s success in their schooling year but also through social skills and emotional development, health and wellbeing and higher employment rates as adults. Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten Deanside’s kinder programs are the perfect place for your child’s early learning journey.

Why Choose Aspire Deanside's Kinder vs. Sessional Kinder?
Three-year-old Kinder children made friendship bracelets as a part of Children's Week.

What is the difference between Aspire’s long day care kinder programs and sessional kinder?

One of the main differences between Aspire and sessional kinder is flexibility. Aspire Deanside is open from 6:30am to 6:30pm all throughout the year. Even during school holidays! There is no set time to pick up or drop off your child, meaning that childcare fits to your work schedule, and not the other way around.

Three and four-year-old Kindergarten programs at Aspire are delivered by kindergarten teachers with full qualifications. We ensure that our leaders are equipped and motivated to see the children in their rooms flourish. Care is also provided for children outside of the kinder program hours. Sessional kindergartens on the other hand do not provide extra hours of care outside of their program hours.

The children are treated to chef-prepared meals every day from a qualified chef team. Dietary requirements are always adhered to, and all meals follow Nutrition Australia's Dietary Guidelines. At most sessional kindergartens, children must bring their own lunch and snacks with them. How nice it is to not have to worry about packing a lunch! At Aspire, you will be safe in the knowledge that your children will be eating well.

Why Choose Aspire Deanside's Kinder vs. Sessional Kinder?
How yummy does this red lentil dahl look!? Our kids eat delicious, nutritionally balanced meals at Aspire Deanside.

How does long day care prepare children for primary school?

Being ready for school goes further than literacy and numeracy skills, as important as they are. It also entails possessing fine motor skills to open a sandwich at lunch, the confidence to seek assistance, and problem-solving skills to locate belongings if misplaced. The increased access to care in a long day care setting empowers children to develop these skills more deeply. This not only supports their transition to school but also enhances their academic performance well beyond their primary school years. Research conducted by the Australian Educational Development Index has found that children who did not attend early education were twice as likely to be developmentally vulnerable against seven child development domains than children who did.

Why Choose Aspire Deanside's Kinder vs. Sessional Kinder?
Pre-prep students getting creative and letting their artistic side run free.

Long day care helps children nurture their relationships with others further. As they are attending the service for more of the day, they have more time to make friends and connect with their educators. Spending a whole day playing and learning with their peers at Aspire more closely mimics their day at primary school. Social development isn’t just beneficial for their emotional and social development, but for their learning outcomes as well.

Aspire Deanside's Kindergarten Programs

Learn more details about Aspire Deanside's three and four-year old Kinder Programs below.

Kickstart to Kinder – Three-Year-Old Kindergarten Program

In Aspire Deanside’s Kickstart to Kinder program, educators continue to build on the foundations laid in your child’s early years. Continually fostering a love of learning and curiosity is key to Aspires three-year-old kindergarten program.

Kickstart to Kinder creates opportunities for learning through play in a secure and supportive environment. The structured and unstructured learning experiences help children explore their own interests, abilities, and limitations.

Why Choose Aspire Deanside's Kinder vs. Sessional Kinder?
Pre-kinder is an important time to learn fine motor skills such as gluing small pieces of paper or using scissors.

Step into Prep – Four-Year-Old Kindergarten Program

Your child’s early learning pathway leads up to Step into Prep, Aspire’s high-quality pre-prep program. Transitioning into school will be the largest that your child would have experienced in their educational journey so far. This is why Aspire’s four-year-old kindergarten curriculum is tailored to children’s needs to see them succeed at school.

The social and emotional skills that your child acquires during their Step into Prep year further develop the foundation established through their Aspire journey, ensuring a successful transition to primary school and beyond.

Why Choose Aspire Deanside's Kinder vs. Sessional Kinder?
Exciting STEM activities are a great way to get pre-prep children excited about the world around them.

All kindergarten programs at Aspire Deanside offer a range of extracurricular activities, incursions, and excursions throughout the year. Activities such as dance and drama, sport, art workshops and yoga are on offer throughout the year. These are delivered at no extra cost to you.

Learn more about Aspire Deanside’s kindergarten programs, click here. To enquire or book a tour, call the enquiries team on 1800 978 429.

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