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Learning Experiences at Aspire Pakenham's Toddler Program

Toddlerhood is an incredible time of exploration and discovery and a time when children gain an increasing sense of self. Our Aspire Little Learners Toddler Program provides a fun play-based learning approach that engages these young and active minds within a safe and stimulating environment.

Our Toddler Hubs are thoughtfully designed to create an engaging environment that supports your toddler’s social and cognitive development, and other key milestones.

Aspire Early Education Pakenham’s Toddler program offers various learning experiences and activities that are catered to children aged 18–36-months old. Discover more below about some of the activities the children participate in.

Learning Experiences in the Toddler Room

Sensory Play Fun

At Aspire Pakenham, the toddler children love engaging in sensory experiences. Sensory play is a type of activity where children engage in various materials, textures, sounds and smells, which allows them to explore their world through their senses. Recently, the Daises Toddler room created a bumble bee sensory tray using split peas, cardboard roll bumble bees, tongs, and pom poms.

Children used the tongs to grab the pom poms and place it in the cardboard rolls to feed the bees. This activity sparks their imagination, fine motor skills, and good eye coordination

Painting and Creativity

The children also love painting and getting creative! During Autum, the children participated in an Autumn leaf painting activity where they used different leaves to paint on various natural materials. This helps children explore texture, colour, and shape and thus improve their fine motor skills. It also helps children to connect with nature, the environment and their surroundings.

Painting with balls is another fun activity the Toddler children love. This activity allows them to develop their fine motor skills and imagination and also encourages their creativity and sensory skills.

Alphabet and Shape Recognition

The children participate in a range of activities that help with their literacy and problem-solving skills. Recently the Toddler children began learning the alphabet through different activities. They made the world “apple” by sticking paper on contact sheet. Identifying letters and trying to form words is an important skill for the toddler children to develop, as it forms the foundation for learning and the ability to read and write as they grow older.

Daisies children have also been using participating in different shape recognition activities. One activity is where they use different shapes of fish and stick them in a special fish bowl that matches the shape of the fish.

This activity helps children gradually recognise different shapes, and in addition, improve their cognitive skills, fine motor skills and problem solving skills.

Excursions to the local Duck Pond

During the term, our Toddler children enjoy regular outings to the local duck pond in Pakenham with a few of our educators. The children love visiting the ducks at the duck pond, as well as exploring the natural environment. Check out some happy snaps at the recent excursion!

Excursions to the local community, parks and wetlands are an important part of the curriculum at Aspire Pakenham and provide so many fantastic learning opportunities for the children.  

They help children develop a strong sense of identity, connect with and contribute to their world, develop a strong sense of well-being, become more confident and involved, and improve their communications.

We currently have vacancies in our Aspire Pakenham Toddler program, so book a tour of our centre today to learn more about our programs. Book a tour online here or enquire now by contacting our team.

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