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The Learning Journey at Aspire Thornhill Park

The Learning Journey at Aspire Thornhill Park

Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten centres dedicate themselves to provide the best learning journey for all children. Aspire Thornhill Park’s learning journey takes children from 6-weeks old all the way to primary school. There are many benefits to attending an early learning centre throughout young childhood, so read on to find out more.

The Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education not only manifests in a child's academic achievements but also influences social skills, emotional development and overall health and wellbeing. It has also been linked to contribute to higher employment rates in adulthood. Long day care attendance allows children to start their early learning journey from a younger age, getting them used to the routine it brings. Longitudinal studies have proven the effectiveness of high-quality early education programs. Research demonstrates that these interventions lessen the impact of social disadvantage and enhance children's social competence and emotional wellbeing. As well as this, it equips children for a successful transition to school.

The Thornhill Park Learning Journey

Each learning stage at Aspire Thornhill Park, and all Aspire centres, is tailored to the unique needs of different ages. The things learnt at each stage build upon each other, setting every child up for success throughout their learning journey. This is perfectly explained in the below graphic.  

The Learning Journey at Aspire Thornhill Park

Baby Steps – Nursery

What does learning look like at Thornhill Park’s Nursery room? It begins with starting daily routines, then beginning the learning journey, and discovering the interests of your little one.

Establishing a daily routine of eating, sleeping and playing, provides essential structure to your child's day. This familiar routine not only helps them settle in but also instils confidence, empowering them to explore their environment. Initiating the learning journey involves activities geared towards motor and social skills, which supports children to adapt to changes in their surroundings. As your child approaches 18 months, they begin to establish emotional needs and exhibit intentional behaviour. These changes aid them to discover their interests. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded developmental experience for your child, equipping them to the move into toddlerhood.

The Learning Journey at Aspire Thornhill Park
Room 1 children transformed into budding artists.

Little Learners – Toddler

The learning journey from nursery into toddler is quite significant! Before you know it, they are a decision-making toddler who knows how to voice their opinions and needs. Toddlers at Aspire encouraged to explore abilities, develop their vocabulary, solve everyday problems and unlock their imagination.

The program encourages your child to explore indoor and outdoor environments through play to actively discover their interests, abilities, and limitations. Educators pose daily challenges, asking children to solve problems. They pose questions like, ‘if it is raining, what do we need to pack to go outside?’. Foster your child's individuality and unlock their imagination through creativity in various forms, including art, music, dance, and more. Incorporate vocabulary concepts into activities promotes learning through play. Activities such as an obstacle course enhance your toddler’s understanding of concepts such as ‘under’ and ‘over’.

The Learning Journey at Aspire Thornhill Park
Getting creative with a nature pasting activity.

Thornhill Park Primary School

One of the most important aspects of the learning journey at Thornhill Park Aspire is the transition from kindergarten to school. We are lucky to have strong ties to the local school, Thornhill Park Primary School. Throughout the year, our children and students from the school have an opportunity to interact through visits, activities, and events.

Earlier in the year, the centre held a Four-Year-Old Kinder Information Night. The session informed parents about the move from kinder to primary school, as well a how to maximise their children’s learning environment at home. The principal and vice-principal from the primary school attended the night. They helped to explain the partnership between the school and Aspire, alongside how they will support the children’s transition into prep.

The Learning Journey at Aspire Thornhill Park
Kinder Information Night at Aspire Thornhill Park.

The kinder students have also taken excursions to the school to see what prep is like, and to get familiar with the surrounds. Thornhill Park Primary School has been working closely with Aspire throughout the whole year to assist with a smooth transition of the four-year-old children for the 2024 prep class. This strong partnership will continue to develop for years to come.  

The learning journey at Aspire Thornhill Park is one that benefits each and every child that enters its care. From infanthood to taking steps into primary school, we equip children with the skills and abilities necessary to thrive throughout life. To enrol your child at Aspire Thornhill Park, call 1800 978 429 to check availabilities. Alternatively, you can email the team at  info@aspireearlyeducation.vic.edu.au or click the link here to contact us.

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