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The Heart of Aspire – Celebrating our Team Members

The Heart of Aspire – Celebrating our Team Members

It’s no secret that the skilled, dedicated team members at Aspire Early Education are the beating heart of our organisation. From room leaders to accounting, to centre directors to enquiries and customer relations, there is a large network of people who knit Aspire together. Acknowledging the successes of our staff, and spending time together is an important aspect of building a strong team. Read on to learn more about Aspire’s initiatives to showcase our talented staff, and how we celebrate them.

Why is it Important to Celebrate Staff?

It goes without saying, but recognising and awarding staff for their hard work and achievements is important for creating a happy and connected team.

Firstly, it significantly enhances employee morale and motivation. When employees feel valued and appreciated, their morale is boosted, which fosters a positive work environment, and motivates them to perform at their best.

Recognising and celebrating achievements also has a direct impact on productivity and performance. Employees who receive positive reinforcement are encouraged to maintain or improve their performance, leading to increased productivity overall.

The Heart of Aspire – Celebrating our Team Members
Staff joining in the Community Christmas Market festivities at Aspire Clyde North.

 Team Members of the Month/Week

Many of our centres highlight their hardworking and talented educators by sharing their achievements on their centre Facebook pages. Some also have a “Team Member of the Month” board within their centres.

Being recognised in this way makes educators and team members put all of themselves into their work, and reward educators that go above and beyond in the classroom. Keep an eye out on your centre’s Facebook page to see who they are celebrating next!

Aspire’s “Night of Nights” Awards Night

The inaugural Aspire Awards Night was a night to remember, with educators from all 14 Aspire centres gathering to celebrate. Before the night arrived, team members were encouraged to nominate individuals and teams from their centres in a variety of categories.

Award categories included:

  • Aspire Manager of the Year
  • Aspire’s Leader in Excellence
  • Aspire Team of the Year
  • The Most Valuable Educator
  • Aspire’s Rising Star Award
  • Aspire Spirit Award
  • Leaders in Innovation
Some of the Aspire Early Education Atherstone team celebrating at the Aspire Awards Night.

Aspire Atherstone took out “Team of the Year” due to their fantastic year of hard work. They implemented the very first Aspire children’s committee, enhanced the learning environment, formed incredible community connections and launched their reconciliation action plan.

Read more about this glamorous night here - Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten gathers for ‘night of nights’ celebration.

Team Bonding Experiences

Due to them winning “Aspire Team of the Year” at the Aspire Awards Night, the Aspire Atherstone team spent an evening together. The team visited Hijinx Hotel, an entertainment venue offering a variety of fun experiences. They spent time playing mini golf and enjoying a delicious meal together.

Some of the team at Aspire Bendigo recently spent time together at a local café for lunch. Being able to chat and bond over a delicious meal outside of the work environment was a great opportunity for them to get to know each other more. Little gatherings like this are just as important as bigger get-togethers. There’s nothing quite like chatting with friends over coffee and a meal!    

The Heart of Aspire – Celebrating our Staff
The Aspire Bendigo team enjoying a smoothie and a chat!

Staff End of Year Celebrations

Many of our centres have already celebrated the year with their annual end-of-year celebrations. These events area great way for the centre staff to come together as one and reminisce on the year that was, as well as let their hair down a little. They also present a great opportunity to highlight team members that have worked hard throughout the year. An awards ceremony is something that many centres include during their festivities.

Acknowledging and rewarding our Aspire team is important to us. This is because it builds togetherness, encourages people to be their best and further improves our dynamic work culture. We appreciate and empower our staff to become the best they can be, and pride ourselves on our high-quality of staff members.

If you’re interested in taking the next step in your career journey, learn more about us on our Careers page. Or take a look at our Seek profile for all of our current job opportunities.

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