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Term 1 Wrap-Up | Aspire Bendigo Incursion Fun!

Term 1 Wrap-Up | Aspire Bendigo Incursion Fun!

Aspire Early Education Bendigo has had a term of educational, exciting and memorable incursions. At Aspire, we provide far beyond a typical Kindergarten program. From learning about water, to patting puppies, the children at Aspire Bendigo had many excellent experiences in term 1. Check out this term's Bendigo incursion fun.

Coliban Water

At the end of March, the Kinder children were visited by our friends at Coliban Water. Coliban Water is a water utility company that delivers water and wastewater services in and around Bendigo.

The team enthralled the children by teaching them about the water cycle and how people use water. After, they had some fun experimenting with water to learn about its properties and to understand more about this life-giving liquid. Topics such as water saving techniques and the importance of water conservation was also an exciting part of the day.

Term 1 Wrap-Up | Aspire Bendigo Incursion Fun!
Term 1 Wrap-Up | Aspire Bendigo Incursion Fun!
Term 1 Wrap-Up | Aspire Bendigo Incursion Fun!

Bendigo Incursion - Puppy Love

Earlier in the term, the children also took part in a Responsible Pet Ownership Program. With a trained handler, the children were able to learn about how to be responsible and safe around dogs. Discovering the skills to act appropriately around animals is an important skill to learn at a young age. This incursion was a great experience for all the children, especially those who hadn’t had much contact with dogs.

Following on from the Responsible Pet Owner Program, the centre had some cute and cuddly visitors later in the month! When Aspire Bendigo Chef Vicky brought her puppies for a cuddle session, she didn't just treat us to a moment of joy; she provided a hands-on lesson in caring for and respecting animals. Puppy visits are not just adorable breaks in the day; they are valuable opportunities for fostering empathy, responsibility, and compassion among individuals.

The children LOVED being able to gently pat and play with the puppies. Even though some were a bit tentative, by the end of the session, everyone was participating in the puppy pats! Even the teachers and room educators enjoyed the boost of cuteness in the centre. Shout out to Vicky for taking the time to spread the joy only baby animals can bring at Aspire Bendigo - Kennington.

Term 1 Wrap-Up | Aspire Bendigo Incursion Fun!
How can you resist these puppy dog eyes!?
Term 1 Wrap-Up | Aspire Bendigo Incursion Fun!
The children were very gentle and calm when patting the dogs.

Recycling with Mister Ants

The kinder children were overjoyed to welcome Mister Ants and his Great Recycling Adventure for a special visit recently. With his charming demeanour and creative approach, Mister Ants transformed a simple lesson on recycling into an exciting adventure. Through interactive games and hands-on demonstrations, he showed the children how everyday items could be repurposed and transformed into something extraordinary. From cardboard tubes to plastic bottles, Mister Ants sparked the children's imagination, encouraging them to see the potential in every piece of recyclable material.

As they eagerly took part in the activities, the children not only learned about the importance of recycling but also discovered the joy of turning trash into treasure. Mister Ants left an impression on the young minds, inspiring them to become eco-conscious citizens who cherish and protect their world.

Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten Bendigo offers so much more than just a regular Kinder program. The team works hard to offer insightful, important and interactive guests to come and teach the children at the centre. The children enjoy each and every Aspire Bendigo incursion.

If you want to learn more or enrol your child into Aspire Bendigo – Kennington’s Kinder Program, click here or call 1800 978 429. Find out more about Aspire’s Kinder programs here!

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