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Sustainability Incursion at Aspire Truganina

During Early Learning Matters Week, Aspire Truganina was honored to welcome ‘The House That Charlie Built’, a sustainability incursion delivered by the Wyndham City Council.

It was great to celebrate the importance of early learning and the theme ‘learning through connection’, with our Aspire children and the Wyndham City council, who we are proud to have a strong community connection with.  

Children’s Facilitator Charlie spoke to our kinder children about sustainability practices and caring for the environment through a fun and interactive incursion. The incursion helps children identify simple methods of recycling, respecting the environment and the part that garden creatures such as worms and bees play in maintaining a healthy world. It also covers the use of energy and water and helps children understand the important part humans can play in creating a sustainable and healthy environment.

At Aspire, we believe it is important to teach our children about sustainability and the environment, which is why it is an important focus in our learning program and curriculum for our kindergarten children. Engaging in sustainable practices enables children to build understanding, and develop an appreciation of the environment and its relationship to their worlds. These actions establish the groundwork for a future where they responsibly care for the environment.

The Kinder children loved this incursion and learnt a lot about the environment and sustainability in a relatable and fun way.

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