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Sessional Kinder vs. Aspire Wollert, Which Do I Pick?

Sessional Kinder vs. Aspire Wollert, Which Do I Pick?

An age-old question for parents looking to book their child into weekly care is “sessional kinder or long day care kindergarten”? It can be a difficult decision, with both sides offering their pros and cons. But when the pros list is as long as it is for Aspire Wollert Kindergarten, it is an easy decision. Learn more about sessional and long day care kindergartens, and how they stack up against each other.

Firstly, the flexibility offered for care times is the biggest difference between the two. Sessional kindergartens typically have fixed sessions throughout the week on specific days, for a shorter period. Generally, they run 2-3 sessions a week from around 9am-3pm, with children required to bring their own food along. Long day care at Aspire Early Education Wollert is built to suit the needs of parents. Open from 6:30am to 6:30pm, we understand that not all parents can do a regular 9-5 drop off and pick up. Aspire centres are also open year-round, including school holidays, allowing parents extra peace of mind when it comes to the care of their children. Qualified Kindergarten teachers deliver three and four-year-old Kindergarten programs, and care for children outside of program hours.

Sessional Kinder vs. Aspire Wollert, Which Do I Pick?
All meals and snacks are provided by our professional chefs.

Our centres employ a team of fully-qualified chefs that create delicious and nutrient-packed meals for all of our children. You don’t need to stress about forgetting to pack a kindergarten lunch again! We take care to account for any dietary requirements, and allow children to eat at their own pace.

School Readiness

One of the big advantages of sending your child to long day care at Aspire Wollert is school readiness. The term “school readiness” refers to whether a child is ready to transition successfully and easily into a school environment. It encompasses many developmental factors such as self-regulation, planning, social skills and problem solving.  

Attendance at long day care offers your child more time to build and nurture positive relationships with peers and educators. Building these connections is not just beneficial for their emotional and social development, but also for their learning outcomes.

Kindergarten programs within long day care further advance the learning and development foundations that your child has laid in their early years. The design of Aspire's three-year-old Kindergarten programs foster social and emotional skills required for the transition into four-year-old Kindergarten. Four-year-old Kindergarten programs support children to feel a sense of belonging in the classroom and focus on activities that support numeracy and literacy skill development.

Engaging Incursions

Aspire Wollert’s kindergarten programs offer a variety of incursions and excursions to develop children’s interests and skills. The best part is, all incursion costs are included in the daily price, with no added payments needed. Most sessional kinder programs require parents to pay extra for their children to participate in incursions or extra activities.

One of the kid’s favourite regular incursions is Little Sport Heroes. Every Thursday, the Little Sports Heroes team visit the centre and run fun and engaging sports activities. As a result, These activities boost confidence, improve balance, help with motor skills, and use up the energy of energetic 3 and 4-year-olds.

Sessional Kinder vs. Aspire Wollert, Which Do I Pick?
Little Sports Heroes always supply the fun!

The centres also offer a rotating range of other exciting and educational programs. We take part in the Road Traffic Safety School, Early Learning Languages Australia, ABC Reading Eggs and Bush Kinder. These programs offer educational opportunities that children may not be able to access at home, all for no additional cost.  

Because of our strong connections to a range of activities and programs, Aspire Early Education tailors incursions to very child’s needs.

Development of Good Habits

Studies indicate that healthy habits in children shares a link to a positive home environment, where positive role models play a crucial role. Children are more inclined to adopt healthy and active routines when they receive encouragement and see others actively promoting well-being. Teachers and educators in early education centres can work together with families to maintain routines and messages between the learning centre and home. Since we perform habits subconsciously, they can be difficult to change, which is why promoting healthy habits is crucial.

By sending your children to Aspire, they will have the opportunity to build upon their healthy habits with a range of programs and activities. Body Safety Australia delivers a three-part Kindergarten program to families, educators, and children. It offers a deeper understanding of the human body through songs, games, activities, and stories. Children, families and carers and educators are felt empowered to understand children’s rights. They also promote healthy eating routines and the importance of nutrition in young children.  

Daily routines help habit development at Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten. To ensure that your child’s transition in to Aspire is smooth and supported, we follow your family’s routines. This allows your child to feel secure and supported in their new environment. We understand and respect children’s individual routines for activities such as sleeping, eating, and cleaning up. Consistent routines, in kindergarten especially, support your child’s journey into primary school.

Comparing Long Day Care to Sessional Kinder

It can be difficult to choose which kind of care provider for your child is preferable if you’re unsure of what is or isn’t on offer. Check out the table below to see what we can offer your child at Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten Wollert.

Ultimately it is up to you, the parent, to choose what is best for you and your child. You know the needs of you and your child the best. If you are looking for a high-quality Kindergarten care, enrol for three and four-year-old kinder at Aspire Wollert. Call 1800 978 429 or click here to make an enquiry, or if you want to take a look at the centre, you can book a tour.

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