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Sensory Play Experiences at Aspire Atherstone

Sensory play is a type of activity where children engage in various materials, textures, sounds and smells, which allows them to explore their world through their senses.

This type of play is a crucial component of early childhood development, promoting cognitive, motor, social, and emotional skills essential for future learning and well-being. Sensory play can be done alone or with others and can be adapted to suit the developmental needs and interests of children at various ages.

At Aspire Atherstone, we value the importance of engaging in sensory experiences on a young child’s learning and development. That’s why our nursery and toddler rooms engage in a variety of sensory experiences on a weekly basis. Learn more about these below.

Sensory play experiences in the Nursery Hub

Through sensory play, your infant will start to interact with and explore the environment, enhancing their comprehension of language and responsiveness to various stimuli.

Here are a few examples of the sensory experiences our Atherstone Nursery children participate in:

Sensory Feather Pasting - Athelstone’s Bluebells children recently participated in a sensory feather pasting activity. This involved creating a colourful collage by pasting the feathers in glue and experiencing the different textures. It was a great experience for our children as it encouraged their sensory awareness and fine motor skills through touching and feeling texture of feathers.

Water and Sponges – Another sensory experience our babies love is playing with water and sponges. The children squeeze the sponges where they feel the water run out and be reabsorbed. This is a great group activity that also works on developing their social skills and interactions.

Sensory Board – Atherstone recently purchased a new sensory board which has been a big hit with the nursery children. They rang the bell, explored the spinning pieces and unlocked the latches on the board, and it’s amazing to see them manipulate and experiment.

Sensory play experiences in our Toddler Rooms

In the toddler phase, your child starts the process of honing their independent thinking and action-taking skills. The primary benefit of sensory play for toddlers lies in the opportunities it offers for exploration, particularly through independent discovery.

Here are a few examples of the sensory experiences our Atherstone Toddler children participate in:

Painting Natural Leaves - Using natural leaves to paint is not only a fun and creative activity for toddlers, but it also offers numerous benefits. It encourages sensory exploration as they feel the different textures and shapes of the leaves. It stimulates their tactile senses and enhances their fine motor skills as they hold and manipulate the leaves.

Sensory Art Fun – Our toddler children love participating in sensory art activities. Recently they used recycled cardboard and bright paint to create a masterpiece with their feet. They enjoyed the squishy feel of the paint on their feet and between their toes. And although it may have been quite messy it was definitely a fun activity for the children.

Outdoor Play – Atherstone toddler children have also been exploring sensory play in their outdoor setting. The children manipulated the sand by using sieves and shovels, and they were amazed as the sand gently went through and dropped down like it was rain!

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