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Language and Cognitive Development Strengthened at Aspire Riverwalk

How Aspire Riverwalk Strengthens Children’s Language and Cognitive Development

Long day care is an effective way to improve children’s learning. Centres such as Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten Riverwalk develop a lifelong love of learning in their children. Long day care improves physical and emotional development, as well as spatial and language development in young children. The development that occurs in early childhood has an impact on children as they transition into school and adulthood. Read on to see the ways that Aspire Riverwalk nurtures children to develop language skills and cognitive development.

Nurturing Language Skills

As kids age, they start to learn new words and enhance their language skills. The progression of vocabulary acquisition is influenced by the quantity of words they are exposed to in conversations with adults, reading books, engaging in play, and other interactions. As a result of this, as they grasp new words, children also gain the ability to comprehend and articulate new concepts.

A study conducted by Hansen & Broekhuizen, found that the quality of a toddler’s learning environment is related to the level of vocabulary growth from ages three-five. Because of the findings, it shows that conversations and interactions between educators and their class have a substantial influence on children’s language skills.  

Aspire Riverwalk helps improve language skills in a variety of ways. One way is to create inviting and comfortable spaces for children to read. Setting up relaxing spaces both indoors and out encourages children to sit and read. Whether they are at an early stage of reading, or are just enjoying the illustrations, giving children the opportunity to read is a key way to build their language skills.  

How Aspire Riverwalk Strengthens Children’s Language and Cognitive Development
Writing letters to Santa is a great way for children to develop writing and language skills.

Another important component of language skills is writing. Preparing children for school is a major part of Aspire’s four-year-old kindergarten programs. To bring in the festive air of December, children have been practicing their skills by writing letters to Santa. Writing letters helps children to express their thoughts into words and boosts fine motor skills. Letters also help improve vocabulary. Vocabulary development is crucial for children to expand their knowledge of language, literacy, and communication. Research has even found that a child’s early vocabulary growth has a direct influence on their future academic performance.

Cognitive Learning

The connection between language and cognitive development in preschool-aged children is intricate. During their early years, children experience significant cognitive growth, which includes the development of various mental processes such as memory, problem-solving, attention, and understanding of abstract concepts. Language plays a crucial role in supporting these cognitive advancements.

Studies have found that access to nature can have a significant impact on a child’s development and supports cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Aspire Riverwalk has multiple nature-filled outdoor play spaces for children to explore. Within this safe and secure outdoor environment, children develop their cognitive abilities and social skills through interaction with their peers. Kinder children are also encouraged to bring indoor toys outdoors to play with them in a new environment. This has been a part of their investigation on inside and outside experiences.

How Aspire Riverwalk Strengthens Children’s Language and Cognitive Development
We build a child's sense of agency by allowing them to select items from indoors and play with them outdoors.

Hey Dee Ho is a regular incursion at Aspire Riverwalk that develops cognitive thinking, amongst many other skills. The Hey De Ho program enables children to actively respond to sounds and patterns, which enhances and extends listening skills. They engage in rhymes and dancing with music and movement to songs as part of this interactive experience. Through regular participation, using their imaginations and role-play activities, children also experience improved memory, language, and social skills.

In summary, language and cognitive development in preschool-aged children are closely intertwined. Language serves as a tool for expressing and shaping cognitive processes, and cognitive growth, in turn, enriches language skills. The interaction between these is a fundamental aspect of a child's overall development during the early years. There are countless ways Aspire Early Education Riverwalk nurtures the cognitive and language skills of the children in their care. From reading time to interactive incursions, children are encouraged to discover, learn and thrive.

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