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Promoting Social Development at Aspire Pakenham

At Aspire Pakenham, we operate a comprehensive long day care facility that provides tailored programs to nurture development at each developmental milestone. Research indicates numerous advantages associated with participating in long day care. Among these advantages is the enhancement of social development, which involves strengthening children's social skills and mitigating the impacts of social disadvantages.

Discover more about the positive impact an early education centre can have on your child's social development and the support we provide at Aspire Pakenham.

1. Developing Social Competence

Research shows that one of the best ways to help your child develop the social, emotional, and cognitive skills required for social competence is through early education. Social competence refers to a set of skills and abilities that enable children to self-regulate their emotions, navigate social situations, and interact effectively with others. Social competence allows children to independently navigate social interactions with peers and adults, form friendships, deal with difficulties,

2. Forming Healthy Friendships

The development of social skills in long day care helps children begin to form healthy relationships and friendships with others. Children learn how to communicate with peers and educators, how to get along with others, share, take turns and communicate their ideas.

Positive friendships early in a child’s life help them learn to connect with others and supports

children to self-regulate their emotions. It can take time for children to develop the skills required to form and maintain friendships. Attending long day care gives children increased exposure to social interactions, supporting them to better connect with their peers.

3. Lowers Rates of Antisocial Behaviour

Research conducted by the Australian Government Institute of Health and Welfare showed that children in high-quality care perform better in cognitive testing. They are less impulsive, have a more advanced vocabulary, have greater social competence, are more cooperative and have fewer behavioural problems.

How Aspire Pakenham Supports Social Development

Our curriculum at Aspire Pakenham is designed to include activities for the children that allow them to engage in social play and form friendships that support their well-being and self-confidence. We encourage children to participate in group play to build friendships with each other. They play together by sharing toys, reading books, crawling around different spaces and playing socially.

In our Kindergarten rooms, children love working together to solve puzzles. This type of activity provides many benefits, including social development. Solving puzzles supports communication with and working together to complete a task.

At Aspire Pakenham, we also offer a range of incursion programs that promote social competency and healthy relationships.

Our regular Little Sports Heroes program encourages children to engage in physical activity and participate in different sport sessions. Exercise helps children develop and nurture their social skills by communicating with one another and working as a team. It also provides them with an opportunity to make new friends.

We also offer one-off incursions during the term such as the “Stop Look Listen Think” Road Safety Incursion. This incursion focuses on holding hands, safe passenger behaviour and safe riding skills and more. It provides a learning experience that promotes interaction and communicating with their educators and peers about how to be road safe.

These are only a few of the activities and incursions we offer at Aspire Pakenham that can help your child’s social development. To secure a spot in 2024 at Aspire Pakenham, contact us on 1800 978 429 or book a tour of the centre here.  

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