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Police Incursion and Safety at Aspire Cobblebank

As an early education provider, we offer a range of incursions and excursions as part of our Aspire curriculum that enhance the children’s learning, interests, and key skills. We offer regular incursion programs throughout the Aspire term, as well as one-off incursions that offer the children different learning experiences. These are incredibly fun for the children but also enable them to develop important social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills.

The Victoria Police visit Aspire Cobblebank

As part of the Term One program at Aspire Cobblebank, our kindergarten children were fortunate enough to have a visit from a few Victoria Police officers as part of their second incursion of the year. The children loved looking at the police car that the officers arrived in and speaking to the officers about their jobs and what they do in the local community. They were also given some police uniforms to wear which made them feel very official! Check out some of the photos below!

The officers also provided an informational session with the children where they discussed safety strategies and the importance of building a safe environment. Enabling children to develop their own personal safety strategies, and to feel empowered with the ability to say NO and seek help when they feel unsafe or unsure are valuable lessons to teach our younger children. Having the confidence to seek assistance when needed is an important part of our educational program at Aspire Cobblebank, and this incursion helped the children gain this knowledge.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this Police incursion and interacting with the officers, while also learning about feeling safe in their environment.

To learn more about our curriculum and incursion programs at Aspire Cobblebank, book a tour at our centre or enquire now to speak with our team.  

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