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Play Spaces at Aspire Riverwalk

Play Spaces at Aspire Riverwalk

The Play Spaces at Aspire Riverwalk are an integral component of learning at the centre. With thoughtful design, each area helps children of any age enhance their learning. Read on to discover what makes the centre so unique.

Soft Nursery Spaces

The spaces in Aspire Riverwalk’s Nursery Hub are all designed with safety in mind. With the littlest in our care at various stages of movement, we take great care that our space is safe for crawling about.

There is a focus on sensory play at this age, with lots of bright colours and interesting textures. The use of mirrored toys and play equipment is also a key point, allowing the babies to identify themselves and others in the reflection. They always love to crawl through the mirror tunnels!

Exploring the Toddler Rooms

Play spaces in Aspire Riverwalk’s Toddler rooms are full of bright colours and fun themes! Last year, the Oasis room (18-30 months) transformed a section of the learning area into something exciting. Imagery from the classic book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” came alive in the room, allowing the children to recreate their favourite scenes. There was a river to swim through, grass to wade through and other obstacles for them to play with. It was a hit with the children.  

Riverwalk’s Toddler rooms, Coral, Oasis, Rapids and Lagoon are dedicated to creating safe spaces where children can develop crucial social, emotional, and imaginative skills. These rooms always have fun and inviting play spaces where toddlers can learn about the world and themselves. Because of this, the toddler children gain confidence and, most importantly, gain emotional and social skills that they take throughout their educational journey.

Learning and Playing in Three-Year-Old Kinder

In preparation for four-year-old kindergarten and primary school, starting to teach letter recognition and numbers is important in out Kickstart to Kinder rooms.

For example, the children in the Wetlands room (36-48 months) have been focusing on letter recognition. The educators set up an exciting Christmas-themed letter recreation table. The individual letters on the table were used by the children to recreate the words in front of them. Learning letters is a major step in the children’s ability to read and write. This exciting play area allows the children to learn in a play-based way as well as develop foundational reading and writing skills.

Step into Prep, Four-Year-Old Kinder Room

One thing that the play spaces at Aspire Riverwalk do is fit the interests and needs of the children. In the Billabong room (48-60m), the children were developing a great interest in insects, bugs and creepy-crawlies. The teachers then created an insect play space for them to explore and learn about these creatures! The children loved playing with the toes and using the magnifying glass and binoculars, channelling their inner entomologist.

The rooms in the four-year-old kinder rooms are equipped with plenty of fun and innovative learning materials, allowing the children to develop school-readiness. Plenty of books to read, pencils to write and draw with and toys to play with give children the agency to play as well as learn how they please.

The Importance of Play Spaces at Aspire Riverwalk

Engaging and fun educational spaces at Aspire Early Education centres are crucial because they foster creativity, curiosity, and social skills. This lays a solid foundation for lifelong learning and development in young children. By listening to our children’s interests and creating spaces they enjoy learning in, the children at Aspire Riverwalk thrive.

Outdoor spaces at the centre are also crucial. Each room extends into a generously sized play area for each age group. Each space offers age-appropriate toys and activities, with plenty of natural features and gardens. Creating natural outdoor environments allows children to become environmentally responsible and show respect for their natural environment.  

If you want to know more about Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten Riverwalk - Werribee, enquire by calling 1800 978 429. Want to look at the play spaces in the centre yourself? Book a tour at the link here, the team would love to show you around!

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