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Physical Development at Aspire White Hills

Early childhood is a time of rapid growth for all areas of development including physical or motor development. Motor development refers to the physical growth and strengthening of muscle groups and bones which give children the ability to move, explore and touch objects in their surroundings. There are two categories of motor development, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills.

At Aspire White Hills we recognise the importance of aiding in the physical development of children and supporting these skills through different activities and programs. Find out more below.

Gross Motor Development at Aspire White Hills

Gross motor skills require whole body movement and the use of the large muscles of the body. Gross motor skills are mainly developed during childhood. Supporting the development of gross motor skills in a childcare setting is vital as most of the development happens before children reach school.

In young babies, tummy time encourages babies to learn how to move their bodies and builds strength. In Aspire White Hills Nursery program, educators frequently support the babies’ development with tummy time and encourage them to roll, reach, sit and begin to walk independently at their own pace.

Older children can strengthen their gross motor skills through more advanced physical movement. In our Aspire White Hills Toddler Hub, our educators support toddlers to develop the ability to jump over small objects, throw a small ball and other objects and walk up and down stairs.

As children get older, they begin to spend more time outdoors playing in the outdoor play areas and engaging in incursions to support more advanced gross motor skills. At Aspire White Hills, we run a weekly fitness incursion by 3t Fitness Bendigo for our Kindergarten rooms. This incursion engages children in physical activity and teaches them skills that promotes the development of fundamental movement, motor skills, body awareness as well as self-confidence and wellbeing.

Fine Motor Development at Aspire White Hills

Fine motor skills “refer to the movement and control of small muscle groups, including hands, wrists, fingers, feet and toes”. Movement and play in a child’s early years begin the development of fine motor skills and set the foundation needed to complete everyday activities as they transition into primary school.

At Aspire White Hills, incorporate activities designed to develop fine motor skills such as writing, arts and crafts, tying shoelaces and stacking blocks to name a few.

Recently, our White Hills kinder children participated in Lego play, where they built and stacked Lego blocks to make different things. This experience allowed the children to work on their fine motor skills as they grabbed the small pieces of Lego.

Aspire White Hills’s Outdoor Play Spaces

Research has found that access to nature can have a big impact on a child’s development and supports cognitive, emotional, and physical development. At Aspire White Hills, we offer an expansive outdoor area that connects seamlessly with our indoor rooms, which gives children the opportunity to enjoy our outdoor facilities such as our playground, cubby house, sand pits and dry creek beds.

The focus on both gross and fine motor skills at Aspire White Hills, from tummy time in the nursery to engaging activities in the toddler and kindergarten rooms, reflects our commitment to providing a holistic foundation for lifelong physical health and development.

To enquire about our Aspire White Hills centre, contact us now or book a tour at our centre.

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