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Nursery Play Experiences at Aspire Tarneit North

The first 2 years of life is a time for rapid growth and development, where children are building the foundation for their future learning. This is why the Nursery team at Aspire Tarneit North go above and beyond to provide high quality care for your little one. Our Nursery program provides a nurturing environment, with a play-based approach that allows the children to experience different senses.

Learn more about our play-based approach and some of the different activities and experiences we offer in our nursery program below. 

Sensory Activities

Our Tarneit North Nursery room love partaking in sensory play. Sensory play is a crucial component of early childhood development, promoting cognitive, motor, social, and emotional skills essential for future learning.

One sensory activity the children love is playing with a sensory water bag that contains peas.  The children watch the peas bouncing and moving while they touch them, and some of them even try to smash the individual peas with their little fingers (as shown in the photo!).

Another activity that increases the child’s sensory skills is feet painting. The children tip their feet into paint to make beautiful pieces of artwork that they can take home to their families.

Story Time

Reading aloud to Nursery aged children stimulates difference senses, and builds listening and memory skills that can help your baby as they get older.

At Tarneit North we encourage reading as a part of our nursery curriculum. Our Nursery children love having their educators read their favourite books while they look at the pictures with curiosity and touch the textures of the books. Being able to touch the different shapes, edges and patterns that are on the books helps the children develop their sense of touch.

Outdoor Play

Engaging in nature play helps a child to develop in many domains, and supports physical health, socio-emotional development, development of all the senses, and overall wellbeing and mental health.

The Nursery children love exploring the outdoor yard area at Tarneit North, with full supervision by our educators. Our educators love to set up different outdoor experiences, where the children are free to play with different toys. Some children have the courage to climb on the sliding frame when playing outdoors too. Occasionally our educators will also bring out bubbles in the outdoor area, which our children absolutely love!

Yoga Incursion Program

At Tarneit North, we also run a fortnightly Yoga program for our Nursery room. In this program, children learn different yoga stretches and poses that are tailored to the nursery age. The focus is completely on the baby and their body, with added breathing exercises as well.

Practicing yoga helps nursery children understand their movements and abilities more deeply, which also increases their confidence and helps strengthen their growing bodies.

Your child’s early years are some of the most important of their entire life. To enrol now in the Nursery program at Aspire Tarneit North, contact us today on 1800 978 429 or book a tour of our centre here.


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