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Learn, Grow and Connect through Aspire Berwick Waters Incursion Programs

Aspire Berwick Waters offers a range of incursions for their nursery, toddler, and kindergarten rooms. These different incursions provide fun activities that are designed to enhance the curriculum and provide children with opportunities to learn and explore beyond the regular classroom routine.

Learn more about the incursions we offer at Berwick Waters and discover the ways your child can have fun and learn a variety of skills from hand-eye coordination to writing a new language.

Hey Dee Ho

Hey dee Ho is an educational and interactive music program where children learn the concepts of beat, rhythm, tempo, pitch and dynamics in a play-based environment. Through regular participation in music and movement, and role play activities, children experience improved memory, language, social skills, and confidence. This educational music program also helps to develop their fine and gross motor skills, visual and auditory processing, and cognitive learning.

Learn more about the Hey Dee Ho program here.

Little Sports Heroes

Little Sports Heroes is a specialised sports program that encourages children to engage their physical and sporting skills through a variety of different sports, games, and activities. Little Sports Heroes program has been developed to allow children to experience different sports whilst they learn ball skills, as well as move their bodies and get active. These sessions are tailored based on the children’s interests throughout the sessions.

Learn more about Little Sports Heroes here.


SketchRoo workshops are led by talented illustrators, who will take students through each project with step-by-step instructions and exercises to get them all started. Children are encouraged to paint, draw and write, whilst honing their listening skills, expressing their ideas in a creative way, and creating fun art with diverse mediums, techniques and materials.

Regardless of art skill, every child is encouraged to create, express themselves and work on their fine motor skills at the same time. Learn more here.

ELLA Mandarin Program

Children who learn a secondary or tertiary language early are more likely to develop an interest in languages later in life. This is why Aspire Berwick Waters takes part in Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA), a program that provides language discovery for preschool-aged children. The program teaches students Mandarin through an interactive and exciting play-based app. With ELLA, children not only gain skills learning a new language but also enhance their learning abilities, foster cultural awareness, and develop social and cognitive skills. Learn more here.

Aspire Berwick Waters is having an Open Day Event next Saturday 25th of November, where you can explore the centre and meet the teachers and educators. Incursion partners Little Sports Heroes, Hey Dee Ho, SketchRoo and our Mandarin program will be there on the day to provide engaging experiences for the children to participant in, and showcase the programs we have on offer. Register below for free tickets to attend!

If you want to learn more about our programs or enquire about enrolling at our centre, contact us today.

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