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Green Thumbs at Aspire Thornhill Park’s Garden   

Green Thumbs at Aspire Thornhill Park’s Garden

Aspire Thornhill Park’s Garden is a highlight of many of the children’s experience at the centre. Having the opportunity to learn about plants, sustainability and gardening is key for children to love and respect nature as they grow. There are many benefits to teaching young children about plants, gardening and the natural world.

Green Thumbs at Aspire Thornhill Park’s Garden
Learning about plant cuttings and how to propagate them.

Why should we let children garden?

Allowing young children to get grubby in the garden is an excellent way for them to play and learn. Gardening provides hands-on learning experiences that can enhance various aspects of a child's education. It teaches them about biology, botany, ecology, and the environment in a practical, age-appropriate, and engaging way. Children can learn about plant life cycles, photosynthesis, plant parts, and the importance of water and sunlight in plant growth. These lessons not only foster scientific knowledge but also encourage curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Green Thumbs at Aspire Thornhill Park’s Garden
Learning about plants, from seed to harvest.

Thornhill Park’s Garden

Children at Aspire Early Learning & Kindergarten Thornhill Park are lucky to have a lush sustainability garden of herbs and other edible plants that they use in their meals. Herbs such as parsley and mint are both easy to grow, and tasty when picked. When kids actively participate in growing their own produce, they are more likely to try new foods and develop a preference for nutritious options.

Having responsibility over watering both the indoor and outdoor plants at Thornhill Park’s garden teaches children how to care for plants. The “magic” of plants growing, flowering and producing fruit never fails to amaze the children at the centre. The children enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow.

Green Thumbs at Aspire Thornhill Park’s Garden
The children help water the indoor plants at the centre.

Tending to a garden also instils patience and perseverance, as it takes time for plants to develop. Waiting for plants to grow their delicious produce to harvest is a great exercise in patience. It can also teach children about the perfect time for picking produce at its ripest, and that under or overripe foods aren’t as yummy or nutritionally valuable as produce picked at the right time.  

Overall, gardening offers a holistic learning experience for children, encompassing science education, health promotion, and the development of valuable life skills. Thornhill Park’s garden experiences are something that the children, as well as the educators, truly enjoy.

Learn more about Aspire Thornhill Park at the location page here. Interested in enrolling at Thornhill Park? Call the Enquiries team at 1800 978 429 or contact us at the link here.  

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