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Grandparent's Day at Aspire Pakenham

Celebrating Grandparents Day

Grandparents' Day 2023 was held on the 29th of October, and is a special occasion that celebrates grandparents, grand-friends, relatives, and anyone who takes on the role of a grandparent within their family or community. Grandparents' Day gives us a chance to recognise and make a special effort in letting our older relatives know how much they are appreciated and mean to us.

Our Aspire Pakenham team were excited to celebrate Grandparents Day and held a special afternoon tea where they invited grandparents and loved ones to the centre to celebrate. As well as enjoying delicious treats together, each room also engaged in different experiences prepared by the team and children for our grandparents to partake in.

This gave our children a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with their grandparents and show them some activities and experiences they engage with at Aspire.

It was a great pleasure to witness the moments that children spent together with their grandparents or loved ones, and we hope that this event also brought so much much between families.

Grandparents Incursions

Our Aspire Pakenham centre is now inviting grandparents/grand-friends or relatives to come in every Monday on a fortnightly basis to spend time with their grandchild as they learn and grow at Aspire. This is a new addition to our centre and will start in December.

These incursions will provide grandparents the opportunity to partake in different experiences with their grandchild who is enrolled at our Pakenham centre. These experiences have been created by the Aspire team to fit in with our curriculum. Contact our centre if you want to find out more information.

To learn more about our Grandparent Incursions, or any of our programs at Aspire Pakenham, contact us today or enquire now here to enrol at our centre.


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