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Exciting Incursions at Aspire Riverwalk

Exciting Incursions at Aspire Riverwalk

Aspire Early Education and Kindergarten Riverwalk has had an awesome year full of engaging and exciting incursions for their children. From sport to music to special guests, there have been so many fun memories made and things learnt in 2023. Read on to learn about some of the great incursion offerings at Aspire Riverwalk.  

Hey De Ho

Known for their exceptional drama, music, yoga and fitness programs, Hey Dee Ho is a weekly experience for the children at Riverwalk. This program allows the children to expose themselves to a holistic approach to learning through movement.

Exciting Incursions at Aspire Riverwalk
Fun-Key Yoga is always a relaxing and fun time!

Hey Dee Ho’s early learning services are led by industry specialists and provide a range of resources to Educators and Centre Management. Their research-based programs have been reviewed by those in the industry and are continuously being updated and refreshed. The children love to explore music and rhythm through the classes, encouraging their creativity. Enjoying Fun-Key Yoga with the Hey Dee Ho team is always lots of fun! The children learn breathing techniques, stretching and fun ways to incorporate yoga in the classroom.

Little Sports Heroes

A favourite at many Aspire centres, Little Sports Heroes run sports-based activities to help children grow their confidence in sport. Students are able to build upon their balance, spatial awareness, motor skills and ball skills, amongst others. Little Sports Heroes aims to expose children to fun sports in an inclusive and encouraging environment.

Exciting Incursions at Aspire Riverwalk
Getting active with Little Sports Heroes.

The kids are always excited when Little Sports Heroes comes to Riverwalk. It is a great way to use up their energy on busy days! The kids have learnt how to kick a soccer ball, throwing skills and how to catch. These skills are the building blocks for the growth and development of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Aspire centres prioritise the development of the interests and skills of our children. As well as that, we listen to them to book incursions they have an interest in and are excited about. Aspire Riverwalk is proud to offer a wide range of long-term and one-off incursions throughout the year.

If you are in need of care for your child in 2024, enrol at Aspire Early Education Riverwalk. Call 1800 978 429 or contact us on the website here.   

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