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Explore, Play and Learn with Exciting Incursions at Aspire Cranbourne West

Incursion days are always full of excitement at Aspire Early Learning and Kindergarten Cranbourne West! With a long list of age-appropriate, educational and fun activities on offer, there is sure to be something your child will love. Keep reading to see the ways your child can have fun and learn a variety of skills from STEM to languages at Aspire Cranbourne West.

Early Learning STEM Australia

One of the most popular incursions with the children at Cranbourne West has been the Early Learning STEM Program (ELSA). STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects are integral to the growth of young minds, and have been shown to play a fundamental role in building strong foundations to their ongoing learning in all subjects.

Children are introduced to STEM concepts in a fun and hands-on way via digital play, demonstrations and simple experiments. This can result in inquiring questions being asked, and the opportunity to discuss what is learnt through these activities.

SketchRoo Writing and Drawing Workshops

For kids with a creative mind, SketchRoo is always a favourite incursion. Children are encouraged to paint, draw and write, whilst honing their listening skills, expressing their ideas in a creative way and creating fun art with diverse mediums, techniques and materials.

Regardless of art skill, every child is encouraged to create, express themselves and work on their fine motor skills at the same time. Get ready to make space on the fridge for new masterpieces that need to be displayed!

Dr Bethany’s Tooth Tales

Health and hygiene are top priorities at Aspire Cranbourne West, which is why it is always a joy when we are visited by Dr Bethany’s Tooth Tales. The perfect early learning centre incursion, this fun, educational and age-appropriate interactive musical adventure aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework and Victorian Curriculum. Children learn all about oral hygiene practices, positive dietary choices and what visiting the dentist is like. It’s all smiles when Dr Bethany visits Aspire!

Early Learning Languages Australia – Mandarin

Children who learn a secondary or tertiary language early are more likely to develop an interest in languages later in life. This is why Aspire Cranbourne West takes part in Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA), a proven method of language discovery for preschool-aged children. Aspire Cranbourne West teaches students Mandarin through an interactive and exciting play-based app. Students learn basic Mandarin and immerse themselves in the culture via the vibrant and engaging content. Children learn so much more than a new language experience with ELLA, they boost their learning abilities, grow cultural appreciation, and improve digital, social and cognitive skills.  

Aspire Early Learning is committed to nurturing children’s knowledge, skills and interests by exposing them to many different incursions, activities and excursions. We prioritise listening to our students, and running activities and incursions that they have an interest in.

Looking for a high-quality early learning centre that supports your growing child? Make an enquiry at Aspire Cranbourne West today or make a booking to tour the state-of-the-art facilities.

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