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Early Learning Matters Week at Aspire Cranbourne West

To celebrate Early Learning Matters Week, Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten Cranbourne West hosted a community morning tea and a smoking ceremony, along with various activities within the centre for children to enjoy.

Early Learning Matters Week invites early childhood educators, parents, carers, and community leaders from around Australia to celebrate, raise awareness, and understand the importance of early learning and its impact on children’s learning, development, and well-being. This year's theme, "Learning Through Connection," highlights how 'connection' supports children's learning.

Throughout the week, educators, teachers, parents, caregivers, and community leaders gathered to discuss the remarkable ways in which we can collectively foster and enhance children's learning. The centre showcased the power of enriching learning environments, creating memorable experiences, and engaging in uplifting interactions to support the development of our young learners.

The service had an eventful week, creating sustainable masterpieces to be delivered to sister centres, hosting a centre assembly, organising a superhero dress-up day with a visit from Charlie Silly Pants, and conducting a room challenge where families voted for the best play space.

We thank the families, educators, and community members who joined us throughout the week. A special thank you goes to Jaeden Williams for conducting the smoking ceremony during the community morning tea, and to Honorable Pauline Richards MP, State Member for Cranbourne, for joining us!

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