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Building Foundations for Learning at Aspire Truganina’s Nursery Program

The first 2 years of life is a time for rapid growth and development, where children are building the foundation for their future learning. This is why the Nursery team at Aspire Truganina go above and beyond to provide high quality care for your little one.

Learn more about our play-based approach and the different activities we offer in our nursery program below.  

Sensory Play

One way our nursery room engages in learning is through sensory play. At Aspire Truganina, we have a sensory bin for our children to explore, that can be filled with objects that are safe for our nursery age children to touch and hold. The children also enjoy other sensory activities including ball pits, tactile soft books or squishy play dough.

Sensory play is a crucial component of early childhood development, promoting cognitive, motor, social, and emotional skills essential for future learning and well-being.

Exploring Art

At the infant stage, they probably won't be creating masterpieces, but Aspire Truganina still understands the importance of unlocking the creative side of your child from an early age.

Our nursery children love having the opportunity to draw and create pictures on paper. Recently, they had so much fun with a ‘Spring ice block painting’ activity. They were fascinated to watch it change as the ice melted, leaving a colorful painting when it dried. This activity introduced our nursery children to colour and gave an opportunity for them to connect with nature in a new way.

Nature Play

Engaging in nature play helps a child to develop in many domains, and supports physical health, socio-emotional development, development of all the senses, and overall wellbeing and mental health.

Our nursery children love their outdoor time and developing friendships as they play together during educator-initiated group activities. Our children love holding different flowers and leaves, playing in the sandpit, and practicing our walking on the grass.

Your child’s early years are some of the most important of their entire life. To learn more about our Nursery program at our Truganina centre, contact us today or enquire now to enrol at our centre for 2024.

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