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Aspire Wollert - Why is Water Safety so Important?

Aspire Wollert - Why is Water Safety so Important?

Being safe around water is a key part of having a safe and fun Australian summer. Teaching young children about the dangers of water and how to be safe is an important part of their growth and development. Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten Wollert takes the initiative to take their funded Kinder children to weekly water safety lessons.

Why is water safety so important for young children?

Playing in water, whether it be at a pool, the beach, or running through the sprinklers, is a fun way to stay cool in summer. Unfortunately, for young children it can be dangerous if not properly supervised. As stated by the Victorian Government’s water safety campaign, it only takes 20 seconds for the unimaginable to happen.

The most important reason why we teach children water safety is to prevent drowning or other water-caused incidents. Teaching them water safety skills can significantly reduce the risk of accidental drowning incidents.

Teaching young children the risks associated with playing in water can help them be safe, as well as give them the confidence to learn how to swim. This allows them to enjoy aquatic activities with greater independence. Young children are naturally drawn to water, whether it's a bathtub, pool, or creek. Because of this, it is important to teach them ways to play safe by the water.

Aspire Wollert - Why is Water Safety so Important?
Teaching water safety helps improve children's confidence around water.

Aspire Wollert’s Water Safety Program

Aspire Wollert organises weekly water safety outings for their funded kindergarteners due to access to a nearby pool. This is a unique Aspire excursion offering, held in terms 1 and 4, and helps children gain confidence in swimming.

Children learn how to safely dive, hold their breath, as well as how to swim by themselves. They have fun with their swimming instructors, and build friendships with their peers as well. Swimming day is a day that all the children look forward to each week!

Learning to swim at a young age not only helps children in the moment, but sets children up for more advanced swimming and lifesaving skills as they grow older. As well as that, it encourages them to appreciate and respect water throughout their lives.

In summary, teaching water safety to toddler-aged children is essential for their well-being, confidence, and enjoyment of aquatic activities, while also ensuring they remain safe in and around water throughout their lives.

Aspire Wollert does an amazing job of equipping their children for a well-rounded education through their excursion offerings. If you would like to enquire or secure a spot for your child, call 1800 978 429. Alternatively, you can contact the enquiries team at the contact page.

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