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Aspire Tarneit North Celebrates Garba Night

On Friday 20th of October, Aspire Tarneit North celebrated Garba, a traditional folk-dance event that originates from the state of Gujarat in India.

The Meaning Behind Garba

This type of Indian dance is commonly performed at festivals and on other special occasions. During the Garba celebration, people gather in large numbers, dress in traditional attire, and form circles and dance to live music.

Garba is not just a dance but a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat, where people come together to celebrate life, devotion, and the triumph of good over evil. Although originating from Gujarat, it is now commonly celebrated in other parts of India, and throughout communities worldwide.

Garba Night at Aspire Tarneit North

To celebrate Garba, Aspire Tarneit North invited their Aspire families and children to the centre for a Garba Night. Our Aspire parents and children dressed up in traditional attire and danced and smiled to music together. It was a great evening, and it was great to see our families come together and have fun celebrating a special tradition.

See some pictures of the event below.

Celebrating Culture and Diversity at Aspire

At Aspire Tarneit North, many of our families are part of the Indian community and are extremely proud of their heritage. We believe it’s important to recognise different cultures and celebrate events in our curriculum that are important to our families.

Encouraging our families to get involved in cultural activities and programs not only strengthens children’s self-identity, but also promotes an inclusive approach to childcare.

At Aspire Tarneit North, we celebrate different cultures with the children through activities in our classrooms including:

  • Singing songs and dancing to music in different languages
  • Cooking foods from different countries and implementing these in our seasonal menus
  • Learning simple words such as ‘hello’ in different languages
  • Learning about different cultures through reading books and playing games

The incorporation of celebrations into our curriculum and programs can be an enriching experience for our children, educators and families. It also teaches our children to respect one another, no matter eachother's culture, background or beliefs.

To learn more about or curriculum or programs at our Tarneit North centre, enquire with us now.


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