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Aspire Riverwalk Nursery – Starting on the Right Foot

Your baby’s first steps into early education are integral to their growth and cognitive development. This is why the Nursery team at Aspire Early Education Riverwalk’s Stream and Rockpool rooms go above and beyond to provide top-quality care for your little ones.

Sensory Play

One way our nursery room engages in learning is through sensory play. Sensory play has been found to assist babies to learn and develop neural connections in their brain, as well as helping them learn about the world around them.

Aspire’s Rockpool nursery room consistently highlights sensory play, with a ball pit, tactile soft books, sensory liquid floor tiles and blowing bubbles being big hits. See some of our favourite sensory play activities below!

Exploring Art

At the infant stage, it’s not expected that our kids are going to be little Picassos, but Aspire Riverwalk understands the importance of unlocking the creative side of your child from an early age. Creating simple paintings using flowers as paintbrushes is a fun and unique way to improve our nursery children’s fine motor skills. It also introduced them to colour and gave an opportunity for the infants to connect with nature in a new way.

STEM Activities

It’s never too early to begin a love of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) in our Rockpool room! The team introduces very basic topics to the children in a play-based way. One favourite activity was learning how to make goop out of cornstarch, food dye and water over Zoom. It was a fun yet messy time, and the children had a great time connecting with their Aspire friends online.

There are many different building and construction materials that the children can use to enjoy constructive play. An overall favourite amongst the nursery are the large foam blocks!

Spaces are running out for Aspire Riverwalk’s nursery room for 2024. If you’d like to secure your spot, call 1800 978 429 or email info@aspireearlyeducation.vic.edu.au.

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