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Aspire Berwick Waters Walk for Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day, on October 10th, aims to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and drive actions that promote and protect everyone’s mental health. This year’s theme of ‘mental health is a universal human right’ promotes the goal of working towards good mental health for all.

Our Aspire Berwick Waters team recognised World Metal Health Day by inviting their families and Aspire children together for a community walk to the local wetlands. It was great to see our families, Aspire children and educators participate together, and enjoy an activity outside of the centre.

Participating in a community walk is a positive and proactive way to promote mental health awareness, foster a sense of community, and support those who may be struggling with mental health issues.

At Aspire, we place a great importance on recognising these types of days in our curriculum, and focus on spreading awareness about these issues to our Aspire families and the community.

World Mental Health Day is an important reminder to reach out to your friends, family and work colleagues who may be struggling or simply need someone to talk to. To learn more about Mental health day click here.


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