About Us

At Aspire Early Education and Kindergarten we understand that your goal as a parent is to enhance your child’s full potential by providing them with the best possible start in life. We believe children respond, learn and grow better in positive community environments. Whether this relates to our families, children, educators or the local community, all these parts are important to work together to provide a safe place of learning where children are nurtured to reach their full potential.

With our 8 warm and welcoming centres across Melbourne, it’s clear that Aspire is placing their focus into being at the hearts of the local community. With our aim to promote and inspire a love of learning for everyone we offer a range of exciting additional programs that include Fun Languages Australia, Step into fitness fun and other opportunities for music and movement.

We invite you to book a tour of your local Aspire Early Education Centre.  Our families love our centre and we are sure you will too.

Our Philosophy

We strive to provide high quality education and care delivered by professional passionate educators for all children and families in our communities. We believe in supporting transitions throughout children’s educational journey. Our Philosophy is based around 3 key values – Aspire to Connect, Aspire to Learn and Aspire to Grow.

Aspire to Connect

We place a high focus on our family and community engagement. We host regular events that welcome both our Aspire families and the wider community into our beautiful centres; these celebrations are always filled with fun activities for the whole family. Upcoming and past events are all available to see here.

We also encourage families to engage with us though our online learning app StoryPark. We will keep you updated with your child’s best moments with photos and updates. Simply download it into your smartphone or tablet and you will never miss a thing.


Aspire to Learn

Our curriculum has been designed to assist families and early childhood professionals to guide children’s learning and development in the first 5 years of life, including the transition to school. These years are a critical time of learning and development, when children acquire essential foundations and skills, and brain development is at its peak.

Learning is valued for children families and educators. We support children’s learning by giving them the tools, respect and empowerment to take the lead in their learning. Families are essential to all children’s development; we believe in learning together as knowledge provides new ways of thinking and doing which prepares us with new skills to support a positive future.

Aspire to Grow

We believe that following your child’s interests to be the key to successful learning. Our professional knowledge and experience tell us that when children are engaged and interested in what is offered, learning outcomes are more successful. We develop our program based on designed lesson plans and projects that follow children’s interests, needs and strengths in order to achieve their overall development. Educators will plan intentional teaching opportunities that will scaffold your child’s learning in a meaningful way. Project topics will be emergent as educators follow the children’s lead and offer play-based learning curriculum through a variety of learning experiences in the areas of creativity, literacy, numeracy, science, construction, drama, music, dance, sustainability and natural resources throughout the year.

All children’s learning journeys are a shared celebration, capturing their developmental milestones and special moments in both the home and early learning environment. We encourage you to grow alongside us as we travel on this journey.